Picture showing inference relationship
Picture showing how codes are not visible after putting in bottles in box

How 2D Serialized Inference works


Inference is the procedure of marrying two codes to create a one-to-one relationship. The codes are simultaneously scanned by two cameras and recorded in a database, so regardless of which code is scanned at any point in the supply chain, the item-level serialized product can be identified. This is extremely helpful in case-level packaging in order to identify all item-level units contained within the case since line-of-sight access is restricted during this phase.


Line-of-sight scanning of item-level serialized codes is not possible at case level due to lack of access to the code located on the unit itself. By utilizing the inferred topsert code, all of the items in the carton can be identified as a result of the previously established one-to-one relationship. The case can then be confidently sealed and shipped.