Mini Graphics, Inc. takes the headache out of art management. Whether you have a custom designed layout or have asked us to create one for you, the art department is the first stage of every job. All incoming art is checked and managed under strict SOPs and GMPs to ensure that every job starts right. In addition, the art department is responsible for the extensive pre-press proofing, barcode testing and color match testing. In essence, our art department makes sure your products print right the first time and every time.

Accepted Image Formats

Macintosh / Windows
Quark X-Press
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Microsoft Word / Excel

Mini Graphics, Inc. also provides high quality 3D rendering technology. We offer the ability to include a 3D image of your product on the bottle label. Because they are fully digital representations, the color, quality and overall production value is greatly increased. For those critical about legibility and recognizable features, 3D can deliver feature enhancements that traditional photography simply can't match. Interested?

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