Picture showing sample of 3D computer rendering

3D Graphic Rendering

We make pills look a whole lot better

In respect to consumer safety, it is becoming increasingly important to identify the product tablets inside the bottles with accurate representation on the product label. Traditional photography and hand illustration is costly, and at times, the end result is simply a poor representation of the product. Often important details such as embossed logos, raised shapes, general shape, and imprints are occluded, blurry or otherwise unrecognizable.

With Mini Graphics 3D Rendering Technology, we create mathematically generated 3D images of your tablets for both labeling and marketing purposes. Our 3D solution provides a unique ability to create photo-realistic pills in spot color. This provides you with an accurate color system, more cost-effective printing, and a higher degree of accuracy from print to print and run to run. All this is done while maintaining the highest degree of representation quality for your product.

Mini Graphics 3D provides the best possible quality for critical applications when representing your product on labels, inserts, outserts or any other printed media.

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